Becky Lewis is a seasoned media professional with extensive experience in freelance television production, development and writing.  She began her television career in 2004 in New York City as the head writers’ intern at “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and got her first job as the production assistant for Michael Davies, the mastermind behind “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.”  

Throughout her career, Becky has managed multiple aspects of production including directing domestic and international shoots, casting, hiring staff, coordinating travel, managing schedules and budgets, field producing, directing talent, and overseeing final creative content in the edit.  With experience working for multiple networks, Becky understands the importance of branding.  In addition to television, Becky has experience in music event production, working with band management, and covering festivals and concerts for Yahoo!, Last.fm and the Bowery Presents.  Having worked on everything from short form online segments to non-fiction multi-episode story arc docu-dramas, there’s no story she can’t tell.  As a producer, Becky knows that the job is 30% creative and 70% strategizing, putting out fires, and problem solving.  She’s highly detail oriented and loves a good plan.  She excels at organizing, communicating clearly, researching, and leading teams to adequate solutions. 

After a decade of thriving in the fast-paced New York City production life that sent her around the world, Becky has planted roots in Austin, Texas.  As a recent transplant to the city of Longhorns, she is trying hard to fit in as a born and bred Sooner.  Becky graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and is an Emmy® Award winning producer.


Avid, Final Cut Pro, shooting on EX1/EX3, DVX, working with celebrity and reality talent, managing large teams of editors and staff, voice over acting (televised ads for Neutrogena, One Louder Production pitch reels, and podcasts for Bowery radio), DJing, golfing, and eating spicy things.